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The Seventh Wave

As Digital Journeys enters its seventh year, brands are entering a new wave of digital growth.

Advancements in data and technology mean we can now reach audiences more effectively than ever before. But it goes further than this - digital technology is now the driving force behind business growth.

Join Jellyfish on the 27th September 2018 at Digital Journeys: 7he Seventh Wave, where we’ll take a deeper dive into the current movement of technical, digital and emotive transformation that is influencing big brand thinking today - and tomorrow.

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Guest speakers

from Google, Amazon, IBM, LiveRamp, Waze and dunnhumby.

The agenda

During this exclusive event at The Shard, we will be focusing on the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence, data analytics and cloud processing combined with applications such as dynamic creative and voice assistance and how they converge to create individual personalisation of experiences.

The agenda will be revealed soon, so register now for your complimentary day of inspiration at Digital Journeys: 7he Seventh Wave with special guests speakers and our own in-house thought-leaders. Spaces are limited and by invite only. Register